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Preview | 2019 SIGP Sunpadow International RCCar(on-road) grand prix

Time:2019-06-21 13:44:37

Originate:News Release

November 21-24, 2019, the annual large-scale flat-road remote-controlled vehicle model sports event in Asia, 2019 SIGP Sunpadow International RCCar(on-road) grand prix and Hobbywing Cup Electric RV Open will be opened again.

Compared with previous years, this year's event will increase 1/10 TC Stock,1/10 TC Sport,1/8 GT
, the total prize money will be as high as RMB 180,000, and the total prize value will exceed RMB 30,000! For specific registration time, registration method, competition rules and other related information, please pay attention to the follow-up official announcement, the official website of the event:, the business cooperation contact number of the event: 13960586611.

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