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Sunpadow lithium battery wins the 2019 European vehicle

Time:2019-06-20 11:19:30

Originate:News Release

Good news from the 2019 European Vehicle Model Championships held in Slovakia! From June 13th to 15th, the two players Bruno Coelho and Jan Ratheisky used the three-lap Sunpadow model lithium battery as the driving force to win two European championships in three projects.

Sunpadow is China's own independent lithium battery brand. Last year in South Africa, it was the first "Olympic" in the remote control car model - the highest podium of the 2018 World Vehicle Model Championship. This year, it broke out again with amazing power and won three championship trophies in the European Vehicle Model Championship. Changed the history of monopoly podiums in European and American battery brands, and became one of the forefront of the world model!

On June 15th, Portuguese player Bruno Coelho used the three-lap Sunpadow 6000mAh top-of-the-line lithium battery as the driving force. He won the A1 and A2 two-round finals and easily boarded the 1/10 electric motorhome public (Modified) European champion.

Then, German driver Jan Ratheisky took the lead of the three-lap Sunpadow 6000mAh race-class short-circuit power, and later came to the top, winning the A2 and A3 rounds and winning the European championship of the 1/10 electric car Formula Formula project.

Low internal resistance, high magnification, light weight, large capacity, superior performance of the three-lap Sunpadow lithium battery, helping the players to pass through. More Sunpadow lithium battery products can be found at

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